Welding Fume Extractor

TW PATENT No.: M467504

  • Plant Efficiency Improvement

  • OSHA & EU-OSHA Compliance

  • HEPA module for choice


Magnetic Switch with manual air pulse jet cleaning button
3-Stage Filtration System
Water Releasing Device
Optional HEPA Filter
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3-Stage Filtrations

Stage 1. > 

Aluminum Mesh

Capturing sparks and steel chips.

Stage 2. >

Cartridge Filter

Being coated with TEFLON, featuring 99% of 1 micron filter efficiency.

Stage 3. >

Activated-Carbon Filter

Dispelling peculiar smell before air exhausting.

Revolutionary Characteristics


Manual Pulse Cleaning.


Easy-access door for maintenance.


Cartridge: 99% of 1 Micron filter efficiency.


Heavy gauge powder coated steel.


Ø6” Blast Gate for external connections.

Optional Accessories

 > HEPA Filter



 We reserve the right to make changes in SmartVent products in order to improve design or performance characteristics without further notice.


PS-150 Airflow Directions


STEP 1. 

Air extracted via the inlet port 1 and passing through the Aluminum Mesh 2, for seizing sparks and larger particles.

STEP 2. 

The air is being conducted to the Cartridge Filter 3 as 99% of 1 micron particle filtration.

STEP 3. 

As air slowing down inside the upper chamber 4, particles falling down onto the dust collecting drawer.

STEP 4. 

The remaining dusts are then filtered through the activated-carbon Filter 5.

STEP 5. 

Clean air is returned back to the workplace.




Extracts Argon Welding Fume via Fume Arm

Extracts CO2 Welding Fume via Fume Arm

Extracts Electric Welding Fume via Fume Arm

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