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Professional For Improving The Working Environment.

Dust & Fume Extraction & Filtration System


FE-2010-S Portable Fume Extractor | 

FE-2010-H-S Portable Fume Extractor ...

WB-2000/2000B Welding Bench (with Filtration) | SDT-1.5 Downdraft Table...


ACC-2/5集塵機 | SM-C-1200/2500/3500 Dust Collector | SDC-ECO-1000/2000 ...

WB-1055 Welding & Grinding Booth +
DBB-1.5 Blower | 
ROBO-20C ...

Odor Extraction & Filtration System

AC-1000C,AC-2000C Air Cleaner |  
SM-A-2500C Air Cleaner ...

SM-02A/03A /03B Dry Spray Booth


Oil Mist Extraction & Filtration System


Optional Devices

Stainless / Hanging Fume Arms | 

Stainless / Standing Fume Arms ...


Crushing Equipment

SM-PC25V/25HC/30V40V Crusher 

Dust Collector for recycle use or for disposal

Vibration Dust Cleaning Bag House





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Tel  +886-4-2531-5608

Fax +886-4-2531-5022

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