Welding Fume Extractor

Welding Fume Extractor

TW PATENT No.: M473867

  • Plant Efficiency Improvement

  • OSHA & EU-OSHA Compliance

  • HEPA module for choice



4-Stage Filtrations

Stage 2. >

Stainless Mesh

Capturing sparks and steel chips.

Stage 1. > 

Pre-Stainless Mesh

Capturing sparks and steel chips.

Stage 3. >

Pre-pleated Filter 35%

Capturing 35% of the 2-10 micron small particles and absorbing oil for life extension of the pleated filter and HEPA.

Stage 4. >

HEPA Filter

Noxious fume filtered by up to 99.97% HEPA of 0.3 micron particles for complying to OSHA & EU-OSHA.


 We reserve the right to make changes in SmartVent products in order to improve design or performance characteristics without further notice.



FE-2100G Airflow Directions


STEP 1. 

Fume extracted via the inlet port 1.

STEP 2. 

And then being filtered by Pre-Stainless Mesh 2 & Stainless Mesh 3 for seizing sparks and steel chips.

STEP 4. 

Before exhausted out to the workplace, noxious fume filtered by up to 99.97% HEPA 5 of 0.3 micron particles as the compliance to OSHA & EU-OSHA.

STEP 3. 

Conducted through 35% pre-pleated filter 4 for small particles capturing and oil absorption.



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