Downdraft Table


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  • Backdraft module for choice

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Pleated Cartridge Filter
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3-Stage Filtrations

Stage 1. > 

Pre & After Dust Drawer

Trapping large welding waste to protect the filter media.

Stage 2. >

Aluminum Mesh(1)

Capturing sparks and steel chips.

Stage 3. >

Cartridge Filter(3)

Being coated with TEFLON, featuring 99% of 1 micron filter efficiency.

Revolutionary Characteristics


Manual Air Pulse Jet Cartridge Cleaning.


Cartridge: 99% of 1 Micron filter efficiency.


Heavy gauge powder coated steel.

Optional Accessories

 > Backdraft Module

 > Working Light

 > HEPA Module



 We reserve the right to make changes in SmartVent products in order to improve design or performance characteristics without further notice.


SDT-3 / SDT-5 Airflow Directions


STEP 1. 

Air downward-drafted via Table Surface Hole Inlet 1 , drawer 2below for filtering large welding wastes.

STEP 2. 

Extracted air being passed through Aluminum Mesh 3 for trapping fire sparks.

STEP 3. 

Being conducted into Cartridge Filters 4 for screening fine dusts.

STEP 4. 

Larger particles being falling down onto the bottom dust collecting drawer 5

STEP 5. 

Clean air exhausted out by Blower 6via outlet.




SDT-3 Downdraft Table

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