Air Cleaner

Portable Air Cleaner
C type-Odor Application

US-PAT Pending No.: 11/751897
TW-PAT NO: M317289

  • Improve Productivity

  • OSHA&EU-OSHA Compliance

  • Adjustable Inlet

  • Filter Area 440 s.f./37m²
    (The air of space circulate six times per hour.)


Stainless Net
85% Pre-filter
Activated Carbon Filter
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5-Stage Filtrations

Stage 1. > 

Stainless Net

Capturing larger particles

Stage 2. >

85% Pre-filter

Filtered 1-2 micron particle in order to extend the life of Pre-filter and HEPA

Stage 3. >


Filtered by up to 85% of micron particles

Stage 4. >


Noxious fume filtered by up to 99.97%HEPA of 0.3 micron particles as the compliance to OSHA&EU-OSHA

Stage 5. >

Activated Carbon Filter

Filtered noxiou fume and smoke.



 We reserve the right to make changes in SmartVent products in order to improve design or performance characteristics without further notice.



FE-2010-SC Airflow Directions


STEP 1. 

Air and fume extracted via inlet 1.

STEP 2. 

The air pass through stainless net for seizing larger particles. 2.

STEP 3. 

Conducted through 85% pre-filter 3 for small particales capturing and oil absorption.

STEP 4. 

Conducted through pre-filter 4 filterd by up to 85% of 1 micron particles.

STEP 5. 

Conducted through 99.97% HEPA 5 of 0.3 micrin particles as the compliance to OSHA&EU-OSHA.

STEP 6. 

Before exhausted out to the work place, noxious fume filtered by Activated Carbon filter 6.



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