SmartVent is a professional for improving working environment in anti-pollution field.
Leads in extraction & filtration of Dust, Fume, Oil mist, odor and ambient cooling.
With our Filtration System, the environment will become more suitable to live in....... 



Air Cleaner

Downdraft Table

  |  AC-800H

PH type-Dust Application

  • Improve Productivity

  • OSHA&EU-OSHA Compliance

  • Adjustable Inlet ......

Oil and Mist Collector

TW-PAT No.: M317288

US-PAT Pending No.: 11/711878

  • Maintain employee health

  • Improve overall working efficiency

Portable Fume Extractor

TW PAT No.: M333946

US-PAT Pending No.: 11/972127

  | FE-2010A-S

  • Plant Efficiency Improvement

  • OSHA & EU-OSHA Compliance......

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