Downdraft Table

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Aluminum Mesh (2)
Pleated Cartridge Filter
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Stage 1. > 

Aluminum Mesh (2)

Capturing sparks and steel chips.

Stage 2. >

Pleated Cartridge Filter

that be can cleaned by pulse-jet cleaning of the cartridge filter from an air compressor.

Revolutionary Characteristics


A Deflector under the table to capture welding sparks.


Easy access to the Pleated Filter.


Working Light included.

Optional Accessories

Two options for table surface.


Option one: Table surface with fixture holes for the position of grinding objects.


Option two: Table surface without fixture holes.


We reserve the right to make changes in SmartVent products in order to improve design or performance characteristics without further notice.



FE-068E-S Airflow Directions


STEP 1. 

Fume extracted via Table Surface Hole

STEP 2. 

Being downward-drafted into the Deflector for capturing welding sparks.

STEP 4. 

Clean air being returned to  the workplace from the Exhausting Outlet.

STEP 3. 

Then fume being conducted down to the Filtration Drawer, Stainless Mesh
for welding sparks & Pleated Filter for fine dust.



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